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Privacy Policy

Meister Promotion, Co. Ltd. (hereinafter "this company") defines the following regarding private information of its customers who utilize the website that it operates (hereinafter "this website"):

1. Collection, usage, and provision of personal information
As a corporate entity that regains customer information, this company establishes a management system for the protection of personal information, according to its respective business operations, and it follows the predefined regulations regarding the collection, usage, and provision of said information.
2. Declaration of legal compliance
This company observes the laws on the protection of personal information as well as related regulations, with regard to management of said information.
3. Security of personal information
This company considers personal information to be data that must be handled with utmost care, and as such, implements the collection, preservation, and usage of this information under strict supervision.
4. Usage of personal information
This company will not use personal information beyond that which is necessary for the purpose of use.
5. Disclosure of personal information
This company takes great care in the protection of customers' privacy and personal information. This company will not disclose to a third party the information gathered through operations without prior consent, other than for the following exceptions:
(1) When disclosure is sought according to the law by public agencies such as civil services.
(2) When the situation is deemed to be an exception under the Private Information Protection Law.
6. Continuous Improvement
This company creates awareness of the importance of personal information protection to its executive officers as well as employees, utilizes personal information appropriately, develops personal information management rules, and implements these faithfully. Furthermore, this company maintains and pursues this continuously.

March 23, 2017